Intuitive Coaching

Jo Homar offers intuitive health coaching, nutrition coaching, life coaching and business coaching in-person at her Sedona Arizona office as well as via phone and video conferencing for out-of-state & international clients and for those who want to receive a session from the comfort of their own zen place.


During a health, nutrition, or life coaching session I work within an individuals Bio-Individuality to customize each session. I assist clients RESET their overall well-being by creating space for change and bring awareness and teach clients about their behaviors and behavior patterns.

My process as an intuitive health, nutrition, life and business coach provides positive reinforcement and supports client transformation while empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and achievement of their personal wellness goals.

All coaching is for those who are committed and ready to make change in their lives and to harness their inner wisdom. If you are ready to take action and change your life, your habits, and your limiting beliefs then you are in the right place. My clients are those who are ready and fully committed to making change.  Your coaching sessions with Jo will empower you to listen to your own inner guidance and together create an environment and support for you to set attainable goals and create change in the areas of your life that you are ready to move forward in.

All coaching programs include (6) (45 minute sessions to be taken within 6 months from booking) $780.

To get started, please choose the free Coaching Consultation option from the online scheduler.

Infinite Achiever


Are you....

Experiencing the same frustrating patterns of life?

Feeling lost when it comes to health, career, relationships?

Feeling like you don't have anyone to talk to who understands the power of intuition and spirituality?

Feeling like you are doing something wrong with listening to your own internal guidance?

Wishing you were more inspired with your work?

Having difficulty achieving goals and being held accountable for action steps?

Feeling unhealthy and/or unhappy with your current health status?

Work Transitions


Are you....

At a crossroads with your career path?

Ready to leave your corporate job to start your own business?

Wanting to wind down from your full time job to spend more time relaxing, spending time with your children or grandchildren?

Ready to put yourself, your needs, and your talents first?

Re-evaluating your current work situation?

Having difficulty in moving forward with your career?

Feeling overwhelmed on how to transition from the corporate environment to being an entrepreneur?

Food Conscious Goddess


Are you....

At a crossroads with your weight?

Ready to leave the old diet mentality that doesn't work at the door?

Wanting to slim down to a weight that feels healthy for you?

Ready to put yourself, your needs, and your health first?

Re-evaluating your relationship with food?

Having difficulty losing weight?

Business Consulting


30 Years Helping Business & Owners Be Successful

I consult with business owners as it relates to their business and life experiences with intuitive guidance. Whether you have a one time question to get you back on track or you need a series of business consulting sessions, I can offer you insights into the bigger picture of what is happening to you and around you and in your business. These intuitive insights provide clarity and guidance so you can take the action steps needed to get you from point A to point B and to make change in your life and in business.

My client base includes business professionals; those who hold upper management positions in the corporate world; MD's; DO's; Presidents and Vice Presidents of companies; CEO's; COO's; entrepreneurs; public figures; celebrities; athletes; working professionals in business, insurance, medical, coaching, etc.


Consulting with Jo is a good way to gain insights into your business to assist you with making decisions about options and directions for your business.

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