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Jo Homar offers health coaching, nutrition coaching, life coaching, and business coaching sessions in-Person at her Sedona office as well as via phone and video conferencing for out-of-state & international clients and for those who want to receive a session from the comfort of their own zen place.

The information that is channeled during a health, nutrition, life or business coaching session brings clarity to an experience or to a question or series of questions a client may have. My job in this role is to connect with higher intelligence to be a channel to receive guidance and clarity for you through my clairvoyant (seeing) and clairaudient (hearing) abilities and relay information so you can take that information to make choices and decisions in moving forward on your journey.

You will never be told what to do, you will simply receive guidance as to what you can expect in your decision making process. What you do with the insights is always your free will.

The reason I do soul clarity coaching and consulting sessions is because these higher insights are a means to healing the mind, body and spirit and they provide the clarity into your life and your experiences that you may have never realized. I've seen countless times when individuals just are at their wits end and either need closure, reassurance, or clarity to a life experience and my soul clarity coaching and consulting sessions do just that. They provide insights to bring you clarity. It provides a point from where an individual can confidently release what they need to and move forward confidently knowing that someone is on your team routing you on.

All coaching is currently done through the 6-month INFINITE ACHIEVER PROGRAM. The minimum length I work with individuals for coaching services is 6 months, because that's about the time it takes to achieve lasting change in our habits and lifestyle. At the end of the program, we will see what kind of support would help you next, so you can keep working towards your goals!

My Process

For Coaching

During a health, nutrition, or life coaching session I work within an individuals Bio-Individuality to customize each session. I assist clients RESET their overall well-being by creating space for change and bring awareness and teach clients about their behaviors and behavior patterns.

My process as a health, nutrition, life and business coach provides positive reinforcement and supports client transformation while empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and achievement of their personal wellness goals.

Jo Homar uses her medical medium and intuitive skills during health and nutrition coaching sessions. This provides her and clients with a different way of seeing the body than in a traditional setting.

Who Is

Coaching For

All coaching is for those who are committed and ready to make change in their lives and to harness their inner wisdom. If you are ready to take action and change your life, your habits, and your limiting beliefs then you are in the right place. My clients are those who are ready and fully committed to making change.  Your coaching sessions with Jo will empower you to listen to your own inner guidance and together create an environment and support for you to set attainable goals and create change in the areas of your life that you are ready to move forward in.

Business Consulting

30 Years Helping Businesses & Owners Be Successful

I consult with business owners as it relates to their business and life experiences with intuitive guidance. Whether you have a one time question to get you back on track or you need a series of business consulting sessions, I can offer you insights into the bigger picture of what is happening to you and around you and in your business. These intuitive insights provide clarity and guidance so you can take the action steps needed to get you from point A to point B and to make change in your life and in business.

My client base includes business professionals; those who hold upper management positions in the corporate world; MD's; DO's; Presidents and Vice Presidents of companies; CEO's; COO's; entrepreneurs; public figures; celebrities; athletes; working professionals in business, insurance, medical, coaching, etc.


Consulting with Jo is a good way to gain insights into your business to assist you with making decisions about options and directions for your business.

All consulting is done through your participation in the Infinite Achiever Membership.

Clarity Coaching


Are You In Need of Some Divine Guidance?

Jo goes to the source to receive your guidance and clarity.

Are you....​

*Feeling like you can't get out of your own way?

*Looking for clarity in regards to a recent or past experience?

*Are you missing a loved one?

*Looking for guidance with your career?

*Looking to trust your instincts more?

I've been sought out by individuals around the globe who feel stuck and who are looking for higher guidance to their current or past experiences or situations. In the past I have done private readings but always felt like the individual could of used more than just a reading. I wanted to create an environment where a client can be supported in taking in the information that is given and assisting them in developing action steps to make change. By creating my CLARITY COACHING SERIES I have been able do just that. Individuals I do private readings for now; not only receives the higher guidance, but also have someone to work with to make change, be empowered and to move forward with that information.


The CLARITY COACHING SERIES allows me to work with higher guidance and you on a deeper level.

The CLARITY COACHING SERIES is for those who not only want higher guidance but who also want to do something with the guidance they received and be empowered to make change with the guidance. This is NOT for those who want to know if their boyfriend is cheating on them and then do nothing to empower themselves.

When you have the tools to take action; to not look at your situation through the eyes of a victim but through the eyes of a survivor; you are then able to look at life from an inspired place full of infinite possibilities. When you live an inspired life, you no longer find yourself in unhealthy patterns and situations. 

The CLARITY COACHING SERIES gives you flexible structure and guidance to make it really easy to get out of your old patterns. You are not meant to go through life struggling and you are not meant to do it all on your own.


Let's build a relationship with a common goal of helping you stay on track with what you want to accomplish. 

Clarity readings are only available via your participation as an INFINITE ACHIEVER MEMBER. The minimum length I work with individuals for clarity readings is 6 sessions, because that's about the time it takes to empower you with the guidance that comes through, to create goals, and to implement change. At the end of the program, we will see what kind of support would help you next, so you can keep working towards your goals!

Your 6 sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly but must be completed within 6 months of registering.

Infinite Achiever Membership

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