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I have spent many years training in many different healing modalities. My approach to training has always been from the standpoint of first how it could help me and then second how it could help others. My specialty is working with and in higher level frequencies and counter-frequencies to assist individuals raise their vibrations and to truly clear physical, mental, emotional and energetic physical and spiritual restrictions.

We all have our physical bodies which operate at the lowest frequency but we also have an emotional body, mental body and spiritual or astral body. All these bodies have the ability to establish disharmony and that is why I always work within all these layers during a session. 

I have many tools in my toolbox to tap into when it comes to what is needed for each client and not all of my tools come from being formally trained. I have a long lineage of healers in my family who never referred to themselves as healers. My great great grandmother was full blooded native american and her ways and wisdom often come through during sessions. My spiritual healing team is AMAZING if I must say so. I have spent many years building my relationship with them and they are the best teachers by far. It seems like each day and each session provides me with new insights and knowledge in regards to channeling healing energies.

All healing sessions are divinely guided and I simply become a channel to receive and transmit healing energies to my clients. So whether you need reiki, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, soul retrieval, angelic healing, spiritual cleansing or something we've never heard of before; it is all covered in your healing session.

I work with a strong yet gentle spiritual healing team with no theatrics. All that is needed is intent and the connection. Clients often say "those were not your hands" "I felt so many different hands on me" "that was amazing" "I've never felt anything like that before".

NOTE: when booking a healing session, time is spent having a brief conversation and then time on the table for healing.

Please note only questions pertaining to your healing session will be covered during this service. If you want soul clarity on other subject matters along with a healing, you should book a 45 minute or 60 minute coaching session instead.

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