Bridging the gap

It was during my own healing journey of  self-discovery when I made a major life shift leaving my corporate job and opening myself to a whole new world of possibilities through divine inner guidance.  Over the years I have trained in many different healing modalities which all have strengthened my connection to something that is much bigger than my physical self. I don't have a crystal ball nor do I walk around in tie-dyed clothing (well, sometimes) nor do I spend hours on end in meditation. I prefer to reference myself as an intuitive wellness facilitator and consultant who bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. My powerful yet gentle work is done in a loving and caring way with no theatrics. It is through my work as an intuitive wellness facilitator and consultant where I deliver messages with tactful honesty, perform healings through a simple and powerful channeling of energies from other realms, consult and teach all in an effort to share knowledge and wisdom to those who are ready to receive.

My passion is sharing with others positiveness, hope and blessings that is meant for all of us.

I look forward to connecting with you and working with higher guidance on your behalf.


I Look Forward To Working With You As Your Intuitive Healing Guide

The Beginning

I was given the name of my business, Bountiful Blessings, in a vision I received during my transition from working at other companies in the corporate world to opening my own holistic business. After leaving my corporate job, I quickly built a reputation for helping others in their personal lives and professional lives by using the knowledge gained from 25 plus years of hands on corporate setting experience combined with the wisdom gained from running my own businesses.

What I love doing

In-between seeing clients, designing good vibe gifts, and doing creative projects, I enjoy traveling with my husband Howard in our Winnebago, gardening and being with friends and family.

  • The HIGHER Connection® healing modality founder

  • Author of Guidance From Above™ empowerment cards

  • Designer of custom healing art and jewelry

  • Medical intuitive

  • Usui Reiki master teacher

  • Wellness facilitator

  • Intuitive Business consultant

  • Clairvoyant intuitive

  • Former talk radio host of Guidance From Above ... You Are Not Alone.

Making a difference

My approach with working with clients is simple, meaningful and honest. It is through working with integrity on all of my endeavors which have served the greatest impact in my life and in the lives of others who cross my path. My goal is to empower and inspire individuals throughout the world to take control of their lives, health and well-being and to have a key role in their own healing process.


My work as a medical intuitive has successfully identified root causes of client ailments and disease before they were able to fully manifest and in time for physicians to treat during very early stages. I have numerous stories from clients who had spent years going to traditional doctors who couldn't identify what they were feeling and experiencing. ​I can see the disruption in the body and I am able to refer clients to specialists for testing and to confirm diagnosis.


Working together as a team with the client and physician, one can treat and maintain the body on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels towards a common goal of health and well-being.

My work encompasses the life and spirit of each individual. I understand the body's wisdom, I listen to the clients verbal and nonverbal insights, and I provide a safe caring environment for removing obstacles to healing on all levels.

I love teaching and inspiring others who want to raise their vibration and take an active role in their own healing and being the best they can be at anything they want to do in life.

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