Successfully Helped People Who:

  • have health issues and health related concerns

  • are looking for answers when a traditional approach has failed

  • have depression

  • have difficulty manifesting

  • are dealing with recent loss

  • have nutrition concerns and questions

  • need to raise their vibrations

  • need to remove obstacles

  • have weight management imbalances

  • have food cravings

  • have difficulty sleeping

  • have low energy levels

  • need stress management skills

  • have digestive imbalance

  • have headaches

  • have fatigue

  • have sugar cravings

Areas of Focus








Jo Homar's Approach for Client Transformation

Jo Homar takes the time to listen to clients and learn about each client so that together they can establish a partnership and cultivate a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. Together, our teamwork, attention to detail, guidance and support help clients succeed in achieving their goals. Jo has a completely different way of seeing the body by using her clairvoyant medical medium skills while working within a client's Bio-Individuality to customize each session. This approach allows clients the opportunity to RESET their overall well-being by creating space for change.

Your personal and professional transformation can start as soon as you are ready.

Lifestyle RESET Services

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  • Health Coaching & Consulting

  • Nutrition Coaching & Consulting

  • Life (Soul Clarity) Coaching & Consulting

  • Business Services & Consulting

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Pet Healing

I assist in bridging the gap between human and pet relationships along with providing alternative healing methods for your pets. This service is available as remote sessions only.

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