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Successfully Helped People Who:

  • have health issues

  • have chronic health related concerns

  • are looking for answers to their medical symptoms

  • have depression

  • have difficulty manifesting

  • are dealing with recent loss

  • have nutrition concerns and questions

  • need to raise their vibrations

  • need to remove obstacles


Assisting individuals with personal healing & consulting relating to:

  • health issues

  • chronic health related concerns

  • frustration

  • depression

  • difficulty manifesting

  • relationships

  • dealing with recent loss

  • weight loss

  • raising vibrations

  • removing obstacles

Assisting businesses with consulting relating to:

  • intuitive insights to problem areas

  • insights into business development

  • website design/creation/updates

  • marketing insights

  • bookkeeping services

Readings Learn More

I assist individuals in finding clarity about life experiences through my clairvoyant spiritual gifts. People often refer to these readings as psychic readings, intuitive readings, spirit readings, medium readings and angel readings. Call it what you want. Just know that whatever you call it, it doesn't change the process or outcome. Combo reading and healing sessions are also available.

Healings Learn More

I assist people heal emotional wounds, release trauma, physical ailments and emotional support through advanced healing techniques and frequency healings (prosperity, abundance, new beginnings, conceiving, relationships, spiritual expansion, soul purpose, health and much more). Chakra balancing, aura and spiritual cleansing, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. Combo reading and healing sessions are also available.

Medical Intuitive Learn More

I assist people who are looking for answers to their physical symptoms where traditional ways have failed.

Raise Your Vibration Attunements

I assist people raise their vibrations through Reiki attunements and higher frequencies from The HIGHER Connection® attunements.

Medicine Wheel Sessions Learn More

I assist people with intensified sessions through the use of my medicine wheel in Sedona.  Sessions include connection to Mother Gaia, the four directions of North, South, East and West and the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire to support anyone on their healing journey.

Business Services & Consulting Learn More

I assist people grow their business through 30+ years of business insights, website design and bookkeeping services.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Learn More

I assist people in releasing blocked energies, removing negative programming, and removing blocks to health challenges. Working with your High Self energies I do research and clearing of your soul records and subconscious.  I use this method to release discordant energies, self sabotaging beliefs, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. This service may also be requested for a family member or a friend.

Animal Communication and Healing

I assist in bridging the gap between human and pet relationships through animal communication.

Intuition Training

I assist people who are looking to grow and who are interested in connecting to their own inner guidance.


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