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Business Services

Coaching, Marketing & Website Design & Management

Business Services

30 Years Helping Businesses & Owners Be Successful

Business Coaching/Consulting

Jo consults with business owners as it relates to their business and life experiences with intuitive guidance. Whether you have a one time question to get you back on track or you need a series of business consulting sessions, Jo can offer you insights into the bigger picture of what is happening to you and around you and in your business. These intuitive insights provide clarity and guidance so you can take the action steps needed to get you from point A to point B and to make change in your life and in business.

Jo's client base includes business professionals; those who hold upper management positions in the corporate world; MD's; DO's; Presidents and Vice Presidents of companies; CEO's; COO's; entrepreneurs; public figures; celebrities; athletes; working professionals in business, insurance, medical, coaching, etc.


Consulting with Jo is a good way to gain insights into your business to assist you with making decisions about options and directions for your business.

Marketing & Design Services

In this role Jo serves as your creative director to create your marketing material. As an artist and creative soul, Jo enjoys working with clients who want to grow their businesses. Helping entrepreneurs and established businesses succeed with a clear vision and professional marketing strategies is one of Jo's goals.

Jo can design & manage your website and SEO needs. She can create ads for publication along with marketing material such as business cards and rack cards. Let Jo be your intuitive marketing guide and coach to help you further develop your business strategy and placement in the world.




CALL or EMAIL Jo for a free business consult.

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