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Alternative Healing Treatments

Jo has spent many years training in many different healing modalities. Her approach has always been from the standpoint of first how it could help her and then second how it could help others. Jo's specialty is working with and in higher level frequencies and counter-frequencies to assist individuals raise their vibrations and to truly clear physical, mental, emotional and energetic physical and spiritual restrictions.

We all have our physical bodies which operate at the lowest frequency but we also have an emotional body, mental body and spiritual or astral body. All these bodies have the ability to establish disharmony and that is why Jo always work within all these layers during a session. 

To get started, book your initial session then you and Jo will come up with a plan for follow-up treatments.

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Join Jo each month for a helpful spiritual boost. 

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Who Can

Healing Treatments Help

Basically if you have a pulse, a healing treatment can help you. Every day you are being bombarded with energetic junk. Your day to day experiences involve you interacting with you feel energetically drained from them? Your environment and day to day interactions all contribute to your health and well-being. These interactions can cause energetic disruptions in the body which may lead to illness and disease.


Healing treatments may help to RESET your energy on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. 


To say that I've struggled with my health for the past few years would be putting it mildly. I consider myself to be quite open minded however and have sought answers through holistic, energetic, natural and conventional medicine. After countless doctors, individuals, tests, and theories, with no clear answers, I was referred to Jo, on a whim, by my best friend. I went to the appointment with an open heart but absolutely no expectations. The only information conveyed was that, if possible, I was looking for guidance with my health. Within the first minute, Jo, channeling my spirit guides, perfectly summed up the changes I've been through in the past few years and my current goals. Moments later a clear identification of a disease was suggested and a doctor referred for testing confirmation. The session continued with lovely messages from deceased loved ones, and a healing treatment that left me with a renewed, lighter spirit. With a new found light at the end of the tunnel, and plans for continued healing treatments, it all could have ended there. Several weeks later however, Jo's exact disease identification was confirmed and the lovely doctor she referred me to was aiding in my road to recovery. To have struggled with my health for as long as I have and to finally have an answer has been nothing short of dreamlike. Through all of my work with healers, energy specialists, and intuitives, I have never come across an individual as talented as Jo. She is truly gifted, and I am so thankful that the universe conspired to bring her into my life. I will be forever grateful for the many gifts Jo has bestowed upon me and I can't thank her, nor sing her praises enough.

Some Info About


Although a certified healer in many different modalities, Reiki is the one which Jo receives the most questions on so here is some information about Reiki.


Jo Homar is a certified Reiki Master Teacher (Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki and Lightarian Reiki).

Reiki means Universal Life Energy and it is one of the most ancient healing methods known to mankind. Reiki is a natural and simple technique for transferring healing energy. Reiki promotes natural self-healing, releases blocks and suppressed feelings, balances the energies in the body, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, and has the ability to clears toxins from the body. Reiki can assist you in your voyage of inward discovery while inviting healing and harmony into your life. Feel refreshed, relaxed, and more content as your vital energy is replenished. Reiki affects each person differently but it always acts wherever the receiver needs it most.

Reiki works with the chakras, aka energy centers, in the body. As a Reiki practitioner Jo has the ability to transfer universal Reiki healing energies through the palms of her hands to the recipient to help bring balance and harmony to your chakras.

Jo's healing treatments are a combination of different healing modalities always dictated by what the client needs during each separate treatment. Reiki will be incorporated into your treatment sessions as needed. After you initial assessment and consultation you and Jo will come up with a plan for follow-up sessions.

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