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Food Conscious Goddess


Jo Homar Life and Health Coach Medical Medium

Are you running up against a brick wall when it comes to your weight and eating behaviors?

Start your healing journey around food/diet/nutrition with Jo as your personal health/nutrition/food coach


One-on-One sessions.


Initial free consultation plus (6) 45 minute sessions (for a total of 7 sessions) to be taken within 6 months.


Get the support and resources you need to get a handle on your weight and eating behaviors to reclaim your inner power of health and wellness to reignite your passion for life.


Customized sessions for setting goals, prioritizing, and receiving clarity in regards to making change as it relates to food behaviors, maintaining a healthy weight, eating what your body needs to thrive.

I can't wait to assist you!

Get started today.

Are you frustrated with your weight and/or how you look and feel because of your relationship with food?

Is your relationship with food holding you back in other areas of your life?

Is there a disconnect between what you want and the action you take when it comes to food/nutrition/weight?

Having me as your personal health and nutritional coach provides you with a safe space to transform the things in your life that you want to change. No judgement, no second guessing, no more feelings of being alone in this journey we call life. I can help you set goals, help keep you accountable, and provide you with lasting tools so you can feel more connected, empowered and inspired with your food choices.


I am a certified integrative health and nutritional coach who helps busy women become food conscious goddesses!


Our time together we will focus on:

  • your eating habits & behaviors

  • your underlying reasons for making choices that leave you feeling unsatisfied

  • healing your past traumas that may be causing unhealthy food choices

  • finding nutritious foods that you enjoy eating and that are good and nutritious for you specifically

  • how to read labels and how to steer clear of false food advertising

  • what to look for when choosing your food

  • removing your internal blocks to food/diet/wellness

  • your emotional connection to eating

  • self-sabotaging limiting beliefs around food and nutrition

  • nurturing yourself while you reach your weight and food goals

My WHOLEbody Approach to Food/Weight/Nutrition/Health 


By working together, we can unblock your unhealthy energetic connection around food and weight while you start becoming consciously aware of your true self and what your body needs to thrive in all areas of your life.

You can gain more confidence and become the food conscious goddess that has been there all along just waiting to be recognized.

Are you....

*At a crossroads with your weight?

*Ready to leave the old diet mentality that doesn't work at the door?

*Wanting to slim down to a weight that feels healthy for you?

*Ready to put yourself, your needs, and your health first?

*Re-evaluating your relationship with food?

*Having difficulty losing weight?

I've seen over and over again people struggling in these following areas:


*Losing and maintaining weight.

*Making bad food choices because of false marketing.

*Not achieving lasting change because traditional diets don't get to the root cause.

*Overlooking the emotional connection to food and food choices.


Do these scenarios leave you with:




Limiting Beliefs?

Negative Self-Sabotaging Thoughts?

I've lost 25 lbs by addressing my relationship to food and the underlying reasons why I've made the past food choices that I did. Everything from emotional eating to eating because I was bored. I grew up in a family with 6 sisters. We ate well but we also ate processed foods. Those ways carried into adulthood until I started having digestive issues which prompted me to take an active role in really paying attention to what was going into my body. In my late teens I was a dietary manager in a nursing home where I would meet with patients, family members, and dietitian to make meal plans. During this time while helping others, I didn't really think about what I was putting into my own body until a rash developed on my foot. My primary doctor did some bloodwork which showed high levels on one of the inflammatory panels. He did nothing. I knew something wasn't right so I went to a functional medicine doctor who also did some bloodwork and took me off gluten. Within a few weeks my Inflammatory markers started to go down and continued to go down until it was back in the normal range and my rash went away. This is just one small personal example to share with you at this moment to let you know we all have a connection to the food we eat, how our bodies respond to the foods we eat, and that we are in control of the choices we can make to feel good and honor our bodies for the sacred vessels that they are.


I can help you navigate your relationship with food and weight because not only have I had my own ups and downs with my relationship with food but I also have been successful in educating myself through a certified health and nutritional coaching educational program and through my personal experiences with working with a functional medicine doctor on my own needs. I've learned much along my journey. I have the skills, intuition, and knowledge to help you make your food and wellness connection. I picked up tools along the way that I can share with you so you can get there with ease, grace and love and support for yourself.


This is why I've created the Food Conscious Goddess Membership. This membership was created to help guide you to a fulfilled healthy way of BEING so you can feel connected, confident, empowered and inspired with your food and nutritional choices.


When you have the tools to take action; to not look at your situation through the eyes of a victim but through the eyes of a survivor; you are then able to look at life from an inspired place full of infinite possibilities. When you live an inspired life, you no longer find yourself in self-sabotaging patterns. 

The Food Conscious Goddess Membership gives you flexible structure and guidance to make it really easy to get out of your old thought patterns. You are not meant to go through life struggling and you are not meant to do it all on your own.


Let's build a relationship with a common goal of helping you stay on track with what you want to accomplish. 

Become A Food Conscious Goddess Member





6 Payments of $130


Food Conscious Goddess Program with Jo Homar

A coupon code will be provided at check out to use for booking your 45 minute sessions. After check out is complete, you will be sent a separate email with private scheduling link.

All sales are final. No refunds for unused sessions. Sessions may not be transferred to another person and must be taken within a 6 month period from time of purchase. You can book your sessions as close together as you want (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). It is client's responsibility to book their monthly follow up sessions.

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