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Medical Medium In Sedona Jo Homar

As a gifted multidimensional healer and messenger, Sedona's Medical Medium Jo Homar uses her clairvoyant (seeing) and clairaudient (hearing) abilities to receive and relay higher guidance as it relates to your medical symptoms and concerns. Jo has a reputation for being clear and accurate with her delivered messages as she brings clarity to those seeking higher guidance related to health concerns. Jo has been sought out by physicians themselves when they have their own conditions where traditional testing and therapies are not providing clarity or answers.

For those who are not feeling well, those who have been recently diagnosed, or when traditional avenues have been exhausted and your physician can't connect your symptoms to a physical reason.


Jo Homar's medical intuitive sessions begin with a discussion of your current symptoms and any previous testing that has been performed. Jo conducts a visual scan of your physical and energetic bodies to gain insights. She will relay any information gained so you can follow-up with your physician or qualified health care professional. You will then receive a healing and counter frequency to assist with starting the healing process. After you initial assessment and consultation you and Jo will come up with a plan for follow-up treatments.


There are also times during a routine healing or reading session where Jo may be informed from her helping spirit guides that the individual needs to follow up with a physician for a condition which the client may not have awareness of. These medical intuitive insights have resulted in early detection of lyme disease, thyroid cancer and leukemia to name a few.


If Jo receives medical insights during your session, the information will be relaid to you so you can follow up with a physician for proper testing and diagnosis. Jo does not diagnose. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions.

Jo's work as a medical medium has successfully identified root causes of client ailments and disease before they were able to fully manifest and in time for physicians to treat during very early stages. Jo has numerous stories from clients who had spent years going to traditional doctors who couldn't identify what they were feeling and experiencing. ​Jo can see the disruption in the body, she uses alternative healing methods without the complicated side effects that often come with prescription drugs that often just address symptoms and not root causes, and she is able to refer clients to specialists for testing and to confirm diagnosis.


Working together as a team with the client and physician, one can treat and maintain the body on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels towards a common goal of health and well-being.

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To say that I've struggled with my health for the past few years would be putting it mildly. I consider myself to be quite open minded however and have sought answers through holistic, energetic, natural and conventional medicine. After countless doctors, individuals, tests, and theories, with no clear answers, I was referred to Jo, on a whim, by my best friend. I went to the appointment with an open heart but absolutely no expectations. The only information conveyed was that, if possible, I was looking for guidance with my health. Within the first minute, Jo, channeling my spirit guides, perfectly summed up the changes I've been through in the past few years and my current goals. Moments later a clear identification of a disease was suggested and a doctor referred for testing confirmation. The session continued with lovely messages from deceased loved ones, and a healing treatment that left me with a renewed, lighter spirit. With a new found light at the end of the tunnel, and plans for continued healing treatments, it all could have ended there. Several weeks later however, Jo's exact disease identification was confirmed and the lovely doctor she referred me to was aiding in my road to recovery. To have struggled with my health for as long as I have and to finally have an answer has been nothing short of dreamlike. Through all of my work with healers, energy specialists, and intuitives, I have never come across an individual as talented as Jo. She is truly gifted, and I am so thankful that the universe conspired to bring her into my life. I will be forever grateful for the many gifts Jo has bestowed upon me and I can't thank her, nor sing her praises enough.

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