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Sedona Retreats

with Enlightenment Guide Jo Homar

Custom Retreats


Jo Homar works with individuals and couples throughout the world by customizing personal retreats based on the needs of her clients. There are no two people who need exactly the same experience and this is where Jo uses her intuitive skills to customize specialized retreats for each client's needs. Retreats usually range from 1/2 day retreats to weekly. 

Your journey with Jo begins with you contacting her via email or phone to have a discussion. Jo will then submit to you a customized retreat plan for your review. You then will be able to edit your plan to fit your needs based on time and finances. Once your retreat is finalized, all you have to do is show up (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and Jo will gently yet powerfully guide you to wellness and balance.

Jo Homar Intuitive Healing in Sedona.JPG
Jo Homar Sedona Healing Retreat3.JPG
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