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What does happiness mean to you? Happiness is that feeling or state of being that comes over you when you can't help but smile. Happiness is a state of mind.

There are times when people identify happiness with material possessions. Take for instance buying a new outfit, buying a new car, traveling, buying a house. The feeling of happiness from material possessions are usually brief and usually become unsatisfying as the newness wears off and they can't sustain your feeling of happiness for a long period of time.

The truth is that looking externally for happiness through material possessions doesn't sustain you in the long run.

True happiness lays within. True happiness is a result of being happy within. Being comfortable and familiar with yourself and being in harmony with your mind, body and soul.

True happiness comes from constant effort. Fighting for it, striving for it, insisting on it is a daily choice. If you want it, manifest it.

When you are happy from the inside then the external world doesn't take hold of sabotaging your wellness. You will no longer seek external brief gratification because happiness will reside from within. It is something you can create on a daily basis.

Here are some tips for achieving true happiness:

  • take time for yourself

  • spend time in nature

  • keep your distance from negative people who bring your spirits down

  • when thoughts of fear creep into your mind replace those thoughts with a positive affirmation

When you are truly happy within your happiness will radiate out into the world and to others hence returning more happiness to you.

Another way to maintain true happiness and harmony within is by becoming an INNER WELLNESS HEALING member. You can find more details HERE.

Share in the comments below what you do to create happiness within.



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