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What You Need to Know About Ego

What you need to know about ego

My husband Howard and I were camping this week and we spontaneously had a conversation about ego over breakfast one morning. I shared with him this information about ego: ego is something we all have and we need it to have a human existence. Without ego we wouldn't be learning lessons and we would just be pure bliss without the need of living a human experience. Ego is one of those traits we have that is so eager to take over our thoughts, behaviors and how we react to situations. Ego is really fear based actions and behaviors we have. It puts us in alert and defense mode. The trick with ego is keeping it in check. It will rear it's ugly head over and over again but the more we raise our vibrations and stay in the present we can identify when it gets triggered and take positive corrective action. Again, the goal isn't to get rid of ego; the goal is to acknowledge when it does present itself so you can make positive adjustments.

I had a client phone session this same afternoon and wouldn't you know it....the client said "I want to be able to get rid of ego". I had a little chuckle to myself and thought no wonder why the topic of ego came up in conversation earlier. I therefore repeated the same information to my client that I shared with my husband. This client is one of my Infinite Achiever Members and during her session she received a healing to assist with keeping her ego in check, removing limiting thought patterns and self-sabotaging false beliefs that keep so many people in a place of disharmony.

If you need help in removing ego clutter in your life I would be happy to assist you in moving forward on your journey with peace, love and grace. Check out my website to see what I have to offer and contact me to get started.



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