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Transformative Belief Therapy® (TBT)
with Enlightenment Coach Jo Homar

Online Transformative Belief Therapy Audio Courses


Transformative Belief Therapy® (TBT) Audio Courses

Your subconscious mind holds onto limiting beliefs, discordant thought patterns, and self sabotaging beliefs that can hold you back from achieving your goals. Subconscious belief patterns can cause illness, disease, and blocks to overall well-being or blocks to attracting what you desire.

Your mind is more accepting and receptive to changing, redirecting, removing, rewiring, rebalancing and reprogramming limiting self-sabotaging beliefs and old patterns when those old patterns and beliefs are replaced with messaging that is in better alignment of your desires. Through a guided redirecting of beliefs and programs by accessing your subconscious mind, you are more likely to see better results and a more significant transformation.

Subconscious belief reprogramming through Jo's Transformative Belief Therapy® audio courses can be a powerful tool for transformation.

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