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The HIGHER Connection® (THC) Attunements

with Enlightenment Guide Jo Homar

Raise Your Vibration!

The HIGHER Connection® Attunements


The HIGHER Connection® vibrational attunements have been brought forth to reawaken humanity to higher levels of consciousness. The HIGHER Connection® attunements are being offered to individuals to accelerate their healing and raise their vibration.

The HIGHER Connection® attunement process is a simple process of connecting to source energies to transmit vibrational energies to others without complicated symbols or hand positions. Intuitive guidance and intention is the basis of the attunement process.

Each of The HIGHER Connection® attunements go progressively higher in vibration to assist individuals in preparing for their shift to higher vibrational levels.

Depending on your energy patterning and the pace being set by your High Self, your process and experience with each level of The HIGHER Connection® attunements will be a unique one.

Your attunement activation will stimulate various levels of healing and raising of vibration, while expanding your capabilities and mastery for delivering healing energies of a higher and higher frequency.

As you bring in more light through your vibrational shifts, you will start to open more fully to your higher inner wisdom.

  • Increase higher personal vibration levels

  • build energetic clarity

  • higher levels of awareness

  • deeper connection with higher vibrational guidance and support


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